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Reception Conundrum (long)

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Re: Reception Conundrum (long)

  • If you are interested here are links to the restaurants:La Spiga Tribunali
  • I think it's all just whatever your personal preference is. Personally, I got the feeling you like the idea of Tribunali better. The fact that it's so close to all the other wedding locations would make it convenient, especially for guests coming from out of state who won't know the area and will have to arrange transportation. Also, it's not like the guests will know about the other option and be like, "oh, we could've been at La Spiga...sigh" so I wouldn't worry about it not being "nice" enough. I don't think gourmet pizza would be odd. It's a small wedding, and a more informal atmosphere might go nicely with the intimacy of the evening. Just my opinion, HTH.
  • I agree with pp, the guests will not know of the other restaurant. Go with the one you like better.
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  • Who doesn't love pizza? LOL. As long as it's a small, intimate event, the food is really good, and you dress it up with salads, bread, or other sides items, pizza, or lasagna/pasta is fine.
  • lol i just posted this in another thread, but i'll do it again here. we are having pizza at our reception and so far everyone we've told has loved the idea. we're getting the chef at our venue to make us a bunch of different kinds of pizza for a buffet (5-8 kinds), and then we are rounding it out with pasta with 3 different sauce options, bread/buns, and 3 different salads. FI and I are very much more "pizza people" than "fancy food people" and we wanted to actually enjoy the food at our own wedding. Personally, I think your guests will love it, especially if it's as good as you say! Go for it!
  • I think your guests will appreciate the convenience of the second one and Good pizza & lasagne is always a winner!You could always use the money you saved to add some antipasti canapes but I think what you've suggested will work just fine
  • We served a gourmet pizza buffet as a midnight snack at our formal wedding, and everyone loved it. So there's definitely room for good pizza at a wedding ;) My advice: Speak the the manager of the pizza restaurant and ask them to come up with a special menu for your reception. Just like you would for a large wedding reception, but on a smaller scale. They should be able to cook a "fancy" Italian meal that's of the same caliber you'd get at the other restaurant. Just because it's not on the regular menu doesn't mean they can't do it ;) But don't forget to serve some pizza! Also, having a set menu will really help the restaurant plan and be able to get all the food out at once, etc. It's a bummer when some people already have their food and others are waiting.
  • You've made me very hungry! Convenience is important. Go with Via Tribunali.
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