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Step-father/daughter dance

Hey all- I lost my Dad when I was 15 and I know it's going to be hard to keep it together all day- my Mom is insisting I have a special dance with my step dad who I'm not too close to- does anyone have any song suggestions that wont make me break down while I'm dancing with the man who's not my father? Any help would be appreciated!Em

Re: Step-father/daughter dance

  • If you arent close to him, then don't have a special dance with him. Tell your mom that you don't want your guests to have to sit there and watch you have a special dance with anyone other than your FI. You can dance with your Stepdad at any time during the reception. Special songs are reserved for special people, and if he isn't that special to you, then there is no reason to do it. ALso, too many special dances and the crowd can get restless..
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  • I would stand up to your mom and tell her that you really don't want to do this.If you decide it's easier just to keep the peace and do it, maybe do something short and "neutral," like "In My Life" by The Beatles. You could ask the DJ to fade it out after about a minute, so you're not up there for a long time.
  • I used "You Got It" by Roy Orbison for my step-dad/step-daughter dance. It was up-tempo and not too shmoopsy.
  • I would honestly that if you don't want to have "special" dance with your step-dad, don't do it. Tell your mom that you will make sure he gets a dance, but you don't want to make it a "spot-light" moment in the day, and explain your feelings on the matter. I actually had to argue w/my mom about dancing w/my bio-dad. My step-dad IS my dad (Bio dad walked out when I was little, was never involved in my life ... still really isn't) and therefore step-dad is the one getting the "father/daughter" moments that day. My mom kept pushing for me to do a spotlight dance with both of them (She keeps trying to say "whether you like him or not, he IS your father"). After a few MONTHS of argueing about it, I finally just put my foot down and told her [in a nicer way]"I'll make sure he gets a moment with me, but I am NOT going to pretend that he's important to me, when he isn't. Pretty much everybody that's coming that knows me would KNOW if I made a big fuss over it, that I was doing it because you guilted me into it, so why make a production out of it?" Best wishes.

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  • Stand up to your mom and tell her you don't want to dance with your stepfather.  IMO, it would only make the fact that your father isn't there harder.Chances are if you aren't that close to him he's not going to care that you don't want to dance (maybe he doesn't want to do it at all).
  • That's tough--mothers can definitely be pushy when it comes to wedding stuff. I agree that you should stand up for what you want since you dont' want to feel uncomfortable on your own wedding day. However, if you end up feeling like you have to pick a song, I would do something very up tempo and light so that its fun and not sentimental. Good luck!
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