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CHEAP Centerpiece Ideas Using an Eiffel Tower vase

Our reception hall has several "free" centerpieces for us to use for our reception. They offer an eiffel tower vase with a calla lily, I'm not in love with calla lillies so I'm trying to figure out how I can utilize the free vase and make it more creative than just a flower... any ideas?? Our wedding colors are navy, fushia, a semi bright green

Re: CHEAP Centerpiece Ideas Using an Eiffel Tower vase

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    A different type of flower, a flower arrangement attached to the top, tall/large tropical leaves with one showy flower, tall branches with crystals or beads hanging off of them, tall decorative grasses with plumes, or feathers (peacock feather would be pretty with your colors).
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    Fuschia gerber daisies set off with a navy feather?
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