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Viennese Table or an Appetizer?

If you could add one of these which would you choose? What would you prefer as a guest?

Re: Viennese Table or an Appetizer?

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    Do you mean as a cocktail hour appetizer, or as a meal course? And if it's a meal course, would there be a salad or soup?Either way, I would rather have a Viennese hour. If your cocktail hour will be anything like New Jersey cocktail hours, the guests will probably be too full to eat a multi-course dinner anyway ... a salad and the entree is plenty.
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    Yes there will be a soup or salad. The Viennese table would not be apart the cocktail hour, but more as a dessert in addition to cake.
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    Viennese table -- Def!

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    Can you clarify a bit because what you are describing is a bit confusing. Is the appetizer in addition to your cocktail hour? If so, that defeats the entire purpose of the cocktail hour itself. On top of the soup/salad, people will be so stuffed by that time, they won't have any room at all for your main entree. Soup/salad is an appetizer in itself. Is the Viennese table in addition to dessert or instead of? You don't need that much dessert and most people who have Viennese tables say that most of it goes to waste because people don't have room when it's served. Not to mention, no one will have room for dessert anyway unless it is served later in the evening. All that said, I would skip both.
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    The weddings in my area usually have a very generous CH followed by a 3-4 meal and then most are followed by a viennese display and I would say the majority of the people find room for all of that food. Personally I'm not a dessert person so I would choose an appetizer for myself but thinking about my guests I would say the majority of them would probably appreciate the viennese more.
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    I have actually heard lots of people say they don't have room for anything after the elaborate cocktail hours at NYC weddings. Maybe some people have larger stomachs than others.
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