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Premade cocktails

My fiance and I are having a casual backyard wedding. We're not having a bartender, so we'll just have beer, wine, and were considering doing a couple of cocktails that can be premade maybe the night before or morning of and served out of big lemonade jugs. Partly to avoid just having bottles of liqour out for our more, uh, inebriated friends and family to do what they please with, and to save on costs. We'll only have to buy bottles of liqour for two cocktails as well as mixers.

So, does anyone know of a good cocktail that can be premade in large batches and doesn't taste terrible?

P.S. We're having an Alice in Wonderland wedding. So suggestions for drinks that would fit that theme would be appreciated as well.
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Re: Premade cocktails

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    Sangria holds up great just hold off on putting any fresh fruit into it until close to serve time. I also enjoy a sweet tea vodka mixed with lemonade, either lemon or raspberry. Chill it but dont keep ice in it so it doesnt water down. So the tea would suit the Alice theme.
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    Screwdrivers, Margaritas, cranberry and vodka.
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    Sangria for sure! You can do a red batch and a white batch. But I think you'll have to add the fruit before serving time (at least the night before) because the fruit needs time to infuse the alcohol. Google some Sangria recipes to be sure.

    I also love the Spiked Sweet Tea idea. Would be so cute for the Alice in Wonderland theme. 

    Maybe a Mint Julep could work too.

    You could present each cocktail in a different fancy drink dispenser. But, depending on how many guests you will have, you might need to make a reserve batch in each cocktail to refill them.

    Have Fun & Good Luck!

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    I went to a wedding this summer that was outdoors and they had spiked Arnold Palmers (lemonade and iced tea) that was amazing.
    June 16, 2012
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    I like the red and white sangria recipe, and the sweet tea vodka. Make a few extra batches and keep in washed out screw cap gallon containers (milk, sunny delight) to keep refilling throughout the night!
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