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Grape Centerpeices helppp!!

My fiance  and I are trying to figure out a centerpiece that will match our wine and grape theme.  I'm looking for something that's not too tall but not flat on the table either.  I'm also a fan of candles.  Any ideas?

Re: Grape Centerpeices helppp!!

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    What about 3-4 different sized wine bottles with white christmas lights inside them?
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    hmmmm.....You can get at Home Goods some interesting wine glasses for a low cost and use them as your votive holders on the tables.  You can also get at Michael's some faux wired vines and wrap them around the glasses and wine bottles.  If you want to try something different, you can also tie this into the table naming.  (Like table one is Shiraz, 2 is Zinfandel) and have a little card on the table with a fun fact about the type of wine, and a picture of you and your fiance raising a toast. 
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    How about a short candlescape on a tray within a wreath of grapevines (or ivy - I think people will still make the connection)

    I also like the wine glass/votive idea, but make sure the glasses can stand up to the heat.
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    This is cool:

    Got it by google image searching "wine bottle center pieces for wedding"
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    We just put a red and white or blush and white bottle of local wine on each table as our centerpieces and for guests to drink.  PIB.  We were not able to do so but it probably would have looked more wine-and-grape-ish if we'd used pails to keep the wine chilled with grapes and maybe vines scattered around.

    I believe there are also ways to turn wine bottles into candle holders.
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    Why not try clear vases filled with corks with candles on top of the corks.
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