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photo guest book with prompts?

My fiance and I want to do something other than the typical "Congrats on getting married-- Jane Doe" type guest book and came upon the idea of incorporating prompts for guest responses, like "What is your favorite memory of the bride and the groom", "Use your favorite word or phrase in a wedding-related sentence", "What is the best advice you've heard for having a successful marriage?  What is the worst?", and other similarly fun/introspective prompts.  But we're not sure how best to incorporate that into a guest book.  We're thinking of three options:

1) Make a few photo guest books with pictures of us and all of the different prompts and put them on the guest book table at the reception, asking the guests to answer as few or as many of the prompts as they'd like.  We'd do two or three guest books because we're planning to have about 150 people there and if each guest wrote even just a few sentences, the guest book line could bottleneck.  With multiple guest books, there'd not be as long a line.  Our question is: if you were a guest, would you feel put on the spot to answer prompts like that at the guest book table?  Would the lines still be too long?  Do you think people would even sign the guest books at all, or would it be too complicated?

2) The same as above, except having a guest book 'attendant' make an announcement asking the guests to pass the guest books from table to table during the cocktail hour, and then she'd collect the guest books and put them on a table where anyone who didn't get a chance to sign could sign.  Our questions here are: with a group of 150 guests, would that be too risky in terms of the guest books getting lost or held up at individual tables, or not signed at all?

3) Buy one blank, white book for each table, decorate the covers with photos of us, and write two or three different prompts in each book.  Guests could compose their answers at their tables and, if they wanted to check out other prompts at other tables, it would promote mingling.  I'm hesitant about this option because, to be honest, I love the idea of using photo books, but they'd be prohibitively expensive to have one at each table.  

I would really appreciate any input anyone has, especially if you did anything similar to these ideas.  
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