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non floral centerpieces..i need some help

i need some ideas on non flower centerpieces..i want something elegant to go with our black and white evening wedding but that doesn't cost a fortune. I am staying away from flowers cause i want something that i can send home with a guest that are sitting at the table and flowers wilt to soon..any ideas would be so helpful...thanks a bunch!!
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Re: non floral centerpieces..i need some help

  • I think with a black and white theme the lanterns I'm using for our wedding would be perfect.  They are white and cast beautiful patterns when the candle is on.  they are between 5 and 8 dollars a piece, and you can buy them in bulk on ebay.  I really love the look of them with long tables, but my venue will have round tables, so we are putting three lanterns (different sizes) on each table with a couple of votives around it.  But they are big enough that you can put just one (the tallest is about 15 inches tall, and about 8 or 9 inches in diameter

  • Here are some other candle ideas I've considered for our wedding.  We also didn't want flowers.

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