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World Map Guestbook

I am interested in doing something unique for my guestbook. Loving the idea of a world map guest book so that we could use our map to track our travels. Our guests would sign in the ocean areas with a silver sharpie so that we can use push pins to pinpoint our "want to go" and "have gone" travel destinations. Of course to preserve the signatures and well wishes, I would laminate the poster and then place it on a large corkboard to place in our home. 

Love this map below

Anyone have any ideas for explaining the idea to guests?! :)

Re: World Map Guestbook

  • I think I'd try and tie in a reason for the guest to sign in the bodies of water on my sign - might be a little hokey but otherwise people are going to sign where ever they want.

    I love the idea! Always like to see different things at receptions.  So tired of the insistance that it has to be a cookie cutter event!!!
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