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How was your iPod reception?

If you had an iPod reception, how did it go? Any tips or regrets? Who did you get to emcee?
Disclaimer: Please excuse the above comment. I'm probably freaking out because there is less than one month to go. Thank you.
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Re: How was your iPod reception?

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    My brother and sister-in-law did this for their reception and it did not go well. First, the speakers were not nearly loud enough. Some guests couldn't hear the music at all. I think they could have fixed this if they purchased a better set of speakers. Or if your venue has a sound system you can hook the iPod up to, they would probably work great.
    Second, they set up the first 10 songs they wanted played, then her brother was supposed to take over. He was in the wedding party and it was a hassle, so his choices didn't always fit the mood. 
    The good news is that they saved about $700 to not splurge on a DJ. However, after their experience I decided to splurge and get a good DJ.
    Good luck!
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    We did an ipod reception. My brother graciously volunteered to emcee. While he wasn't quite as glib as a professional would be, that made him sincere and not cheesy. We ran the music from a loptop and rented speakers from a local A/V company. My husband made a group of playlists beforehand that were appropriate to different parts of the evening. It meant that my brother and one of the groomsmen did have to keep an eye on the playlist all evening, but it went smoothly for the most part. Everyone had fun, and people actually came from the other wedding at our venue and said that they'd rather be at our wedding because the music was better and people seemed to be having more fun.
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    I went to a wedding where this was done, honestly it was just okay. If you can afford a DJ, I think they would really be the better choice, but if not- as long as you have a casual wedding, I think it's fine.
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    If it is just for background music then go for it.  Just make sure you have loud enough speakers.  If you are planning on having dances, etc, then I would search out a dj.
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