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How to decorate?

My fiancee and I found this wedding online and really liked the feel and idea.

Howeve, here is our problem. Right now we are struggling with two reception venues. 1. a community club down the road from my church where, growing up, I spend a lot of time. or 2. my grandmother's new house in the country. He doesn't seem to like the CC idea because its a hall. However, they would let us start decorating and cooking (since we're doing our own catering) four days before the wedding! And I would rather not do it at my grandmother's because its literally in the middle of no where (and his whole family is coming from out of town) with no electricity and only a steel barn in case of rain.The hall rental is only $250 including all the chairs, tables, and bartenders we could ask for and also access to the kitchen. He's afraid that it won't have the same feeling as the "backyard wedding" we had envisioned. Any ideas on how we could decorate the hall to give it that feeling? (And so I can help convince him Wink )  Thanks girls!

Re: How to decorate?

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    Just keep it simple.  Looking through those pictures, it's all about the bride and groom.  Nothing fancy.  The DIY stuff that they did was very beautiful but it wasn't over the top.
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    The hall will not have the same feel as a backyard wedding. That is something you would have to accept if you go with the hall.

    How can you have an outdoor wedding with no electricity and no backup plan for rain? Doesn't seem to be a viable option.

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    I say go with the community center.  It'll be a lot easier if you don't have to rent chairs, port-potties, etc like you would for the country wedding.  You could still use fri=uit centerpieces at the community center.  I really like those :)
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    renting tables chairs etc will likely cost more than the hall.

    you can get indoor plants to put around the room, use the paper lanterns, and fruit etc without it being outside.

    you can check out farmers almanac to get a weather forcast for your wedding date and location. to get a better idea on the outdoor wedding stuff.
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