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BBQ Reception follow up - worried!!

I am very worried about my upcoming bbq wedding reception. I am so scared it will be boring. The party is from 12-4pm, people can come and go as they please. I plan for us all to eat and hang out, play volleyball if the weather is nice (pray for good weather!) I am not having any dances, any vow re-newing, ect. I plan for it to be a laid back event. I didn't even plan to decorate! (mostly because I have no $ and no idea what to do) We had a wedding in Vegas a few weeks ago. We have favors for the party which are Vegas themed and the wedding cake will be Vegas themed. The only bbq feel is the food... Please give me any sort of ideas so I can stop panicking about this day.

Re: BBQ Reception follow up - worried!!

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    As long as you have good music, good people, and maybe some booze, you will have a good party.  You don't have to decorate or plan a bunch of activities for people to have a good time.  People enjoy socializing with each other, and they will.
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    I went to a pretty casual, laid back wedding over the summer.  The bride and groom got married in their back yard and then had tents and tables set up in their yard.  They had pulled pork and BBQ chicken and they also had alcohol and other drinks.  Everyone just ate and socialized and then they hired a band to play around the time dinner was done.  It wasn't boring at all.  I agree that people will just socialize and have a good time. 
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    I think it will be lots of fun! We're going to one on the 1st of October & went to one in August. Everyone had fun..ate lots of food and drank lots of booze.
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    It's a fairly short reception so just food and good friends should be just fine. If you want to do some simple easy and inexpensive decor there are a few things you can pick from.
    Plastic covers on the table in one or two colors are great. If you are having fruit, then something like a watermelon zig zag cut and filled with mixed fruit can be great centerpieces. If you can hang things from the ceiling (if there is one) then paper pom poms in various sizes and hung at different heights can totally transform a space.
    Ribbon in your colors wrapped or tied around things at the venue are really pretty as well.
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    I am having a BBQ type reception also. I am planning on using mason jars (you can get a case at Wal-Mart for under $20) and galvanized pales as my centerpieces. I am tying bows around the mason jars with twine. I'm having daisies as my flowers. You can get daisies or wild flowers at Publix or go to Michaels and get fake flowers they are cute and inexpensive. Plus you could re-use the artificial flowers around your house. You could also just get clear vases at Wal-Mart or TJ Maxx and fill them with lemons or limes. You can go to a fabric store and just buy fabric as table cloths since it is so casual. You could just hook up an ipod or something and play some music.  Volleyball is always a good time. Don't stress you will have a blast! Congratulations! Good Luck!
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    Well I just had a BBQ engagement party, and with little to no decorations (some tablecloths and buckets of candy, along with a fruit bouquet my sister made) we had way more people than we expected, way more food then we needed (we did ask guests to bring a side) and the most fun we had ever had! When you're surrounded by friends and family celebrating such an important part of your life, it will be the best time ever! <3 Have fun, and dont stress!!
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    We are doing something similar. Our site has large open grassy areas, so we are having some yard games (horseshoes, bean bag toss, croquet), but nothing organized.
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