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afternoon wedding reception

I am getting married at a beautiful park on a November afternoon. I live in S. Florida so it will be nice out at that time. We are having the ceremony and reception in at the same park.
I am having a really difficult time figuring out what to serve for food at the reception.
I was leaning towards a picnic style lunch with fun finger foods and sanwiches. My mom freaked out!
I need some advise. I think it would be fun and laid back and easy for everyone to talk and get to know eachother. Is my idea toooo casual? Should I serve other foods???

Re: afternoon wedding reception

  • It's your wedding so do what you want. Is you mom paying for it?
  • It's really just about what you and your FI see for your wedding day.  If you guys are paying for it, you get to decide how you want to handle it.  If your Mom is paying for it and she doesn't like your ideas, then tell her to come up with some of her own suggestions.
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  • Picnic food and sandwiches will probably be so much better than things like "unidentified rubbery chicken" and "soggy pasta" that often show up at weddings.  If it's a casual wedding, then sandwiches will be perfect.  If it's a semi-formal wedding, do gourmet sandwiches and wraps with nicer versions of picnic sides.
  • I did an afternoon reception and we had gourmet wraps, mayo-free slaw, desserts, fresh fruit, etc. It was casually elegant and not too fussy. You can dress it up and pull it off if you really want to do it. Show your mom some pretty, elegant picnics online.
  • Thank you all so much for your comments! I am going to do some more research and find some online as BecW2be suggested. Maybe if I have some thing to really show her she can understand my vision.
    My fiance and I are paying for it.
    So in the end it is what we want I just want eceryone to be happy.

  • Show her Bec's bio.  That will change her mind.  Snippet and Ink also blogs a lot of casual but elegant outdoor weddings.
  • Thank you, gotta! That was sweet. OP, I do have tons of PIB, if you want to see.
  • mdg327mdg327 member
    did your mom give you any ideas?  i agree, unless she's paying for it you should plan it to be what you want it to be. 
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