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Honoring father's memory

My fiance's father died last week. We're getting married in two months. I'd really like to incorporate a way to honor his father's memory, but not in a sad way, just to make him a part of the wedding, even though he's no longer with us. Any suggestions? I've been drawing a blank.

Re: Honoring father's memory

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    You could mention him in the program, have a memory candle or flower, or you could have a charm with his photo in it in your bouquet or as a piece of jewelry.  There's a bracelet with a photo charm in my Bio if you want to see it under Jewelry.
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    Sorry about your FFIL.

    I'd let your FI take the lead on this one. He may have something in mind, or he may prefer to remember his dad in a private way. Plus, any memorials should ABSOULTELY be run past FMIL and your FI's siblings, too, because a surprise memorial (even with the best of intentions) might make everyone really upset or even mad.

    My husband's mother died in 2003. I asked him what he wanted to do to remember her (my thinking was a mention in our Prayer of the Faithful), and he said that he preferred no public gestures or mentions of her. MIL's sisters were quite emotional when they were doing our readings, and they probably would've been hysterical had a public mention of MIL been made. MH remembered her privately and I'm sure the rest of their family did as well.

    You have very nice intentions, but really, this needs to be up to your FI and his family. Leave it up to him (I wouldn't mention it right now, since the wound is still very fresh - wait a while until things settle down and he feels better) and respect his decision no matter what.
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    I feel your pain. My fiances father died last week also. I am so sorry for your loss. I have been to a wedding before where the couple honored a parent who had passed with a moment of silence, a couple who lit a candle in memory, one who played a sentimental song during a moment of silence, one who had a picture of the deceased on a small table off to the side with candles and a few flowers. It really just depends on what would be special to you. Our cousin is getting married on the beach, and my fiances father was her godfather- they were very close- so in memory of him I suggested they write him a message, put it in a bottle and throw it into the ocean. If he passed due to an illness, you can make a donation in his honor to a related charity. You could give a toast in his honor at the reception.
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    We are planning on placing a golden chair, which shall remain empty, both at the church and reception hall. The chair will have white ribbons attached to it, with the names of family and dear friends that are no longer with us.

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