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To seat or not to seat?

We are hoping for a head count of around 150 (hoping that it doesn't continue to grow, that is) and my question to everyone is this: do you have to have assigned tables at a reception? We are doing a buffet style dinner with the first salad course already being plated prior to everyone coming in to sit down. Once the salad is finished, the tables will be released to get up and go through the buffet.

We have a head table for the wedding party.

I'm trying to save as much money as I can by not doing escort cards, table numbers, etc. but everything I've been seeing seems to indicate that you just have to assign tables. I was just going to let everyone sit where they wanted. All my friends and family are pretty fun, likeable, cooperative... I didn't seem to think it would be a problem if I just reserved a couple tables up front for immediate family and let everyone else sit where they pleased.

Yes? No? Am I way off base?
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