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Cocktail Hour Question

Hello! We are having a cocktail hour right before the reception so we can take our photos (this will not take more than an hour). Since we will be serving food when the reception starts, do we need to have food during the cocktail hour? It might be a silly question, but I'm just curious if people will expect food before dinner.


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    it would certainly be kind of you have have food (you really want people drinking on a potentially empty stomach for an hour before you get there?) I'd at least have a cheese platter and fruit or something of the like. The cocktail hours I've been to have always had at least a few hors d'ourves
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     That is what I was thinking, I just don't want people to get full right before dinner! A nice cheese tray/fruit sounds like a great idea! Thanks!

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    We had passed appetizers.  Appetizers are meant to whet your appetite for dinner, not to make you full.  So yes, definitely serve something, especially if alcohol will be served.

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    We served appetizers during the cocktail hour -- trays of bite-sized fresh fruit,  veggies, cheeses, chicken satay, etc.
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    unless you want all of your guests drinking on empty stomachs....
    serve apps, cheese, crackers, bread, tapenade, sandwiches etc...


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    Yeah, it's good to have something to munch on while you're drinking.  Alcohol and an empty stomach are a bad combination.

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