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The Villa, E. Bridgetwater MA - cocktail lounge

I am considering the Villa for my wedding next summer and am really concerned that the lounge area(although I LOVE it for cocktail hour) might pull the guests away from the dance floor after dinner. We are only having 200 guests so I'm afraid the rooms will seem empty if half of the guests are in the lounge while the others are in the reception area. This is for the grand ballroom. Has anyone used this room before and have any thoughts they could share? We are hoping to make out decision this week.

Re: The Villa, E. Bridgetwater MA - cocktail lounge

  • pkontkpkontk member
    Not everyone will dance.  We have a few areas at our venue where people can mingle and not dance, including an outdoor garden.  I think you're overthinking this.

    You may also want to post this on the Mass - Boston board.  I'm not familiar with the Villa specifically, but you might find some people who are.
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