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transportation issues

Our ceremony and reception (both in NYC) are a 15 minute/ 6 block walk away from each other. We walked it as practice and although I wouldn't mind doing it, it's a bit far to ask everyone to walk in heels.

So... dilemma. We can't shell out $1000 to rent a bus to transport everyone 6 blocks. Would it be OK to get a bunch of cabs to go back and forth if we paid for it? 15 seat van?

Also, do we have to worry about transportation both ways if people will want to park at the reception venue? Most of the guests will not be driving because it's in the city but we have a some local family that will probably drive, probably about 8 cars.

Should we just say taking a taxi to the ceremony site is recommended then we'll transport them between ceremony and reception?

Sorry if this is confusing. I'm confused myself!
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