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To have an afternoon wedding and serve breakfast type food?  Not brunch, breakfast.  My fiance and I LOVE going to eat breakfast at any time of day.  It is our favorite type of meal.  However, since we will be having an afternoon wedding, and getting ready in the early morning for that type of wedding will be difficult, it was an idea we came up with.  We may have a ham there, but just was wondering. 

Re: Would It Be Weird...

  • We aren't going to do it, it was a thought.  I have been to far too many weddings where the food was "appropriate" for the time of day, and I didn't like it.  So it isn't possible to please everyone.  We may have a day after brunch, though, and serve some of our faves there.
  • If you did buffet stations you could do a breakfast "station" so people have other options. I love breakfast foods and eat them for dinner all the time!
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