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I'm not planning a destination wedding or anything but most of my family lives here, would it be unreasonable to book my reception an hour away?

Re: Location???

  • Just to clarify,

    My fiancee and I met in the same town, and the majority of our guestlist lives within a few miles. I absolutely fell in love with this country cub a little over an hour away. I feel guilty making most of them travel farther so I can have my perfect venue. This isn't bridezilla is it? There are going to be several people coming from out-of-state to be there...oh I don't know :P

  • IMO, 1 hour away does not make it a destination wedding.   That's probably the upper limit if you want to travel between ceremony and reception... but for everything there, if you love it, I think you should go with it. 
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  • If your ceremony is held there as well, I don't see a problem.  If your guests have to travel an hour between the two.....honestly I would be peeved.
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  • I live in LA, so everything is an hour away.  I wouldn't see a problem with it.  To make things easier on your guests, you might bump things toward the middle of the day.  An hour's drive home at 9pm wouldn't bug me, but an hour's drive home at midnight is a lot less appealing.
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