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A Winter Wedding & Tea Party Reception (DIY)

To Those Who May Have DIY Ideas:

My wedding is coming up in 99 days and we literaly just decided to go for it about 2 days ago!  Right now we are thinking about a VERY small wedding (i.e., 22 people) at his parent's house with a tea party reception to follow.  Does anyone have ideas about this??  Oh, also, it will be prime snowstorm season in the middle of Winter, so I am also looking for Winter Wedding DIY ideas.  What fun ideas can we do for outdoor pictures (i.e., in the snow)?

Other info:  We are thinking shades of purple & pearl/ivory for colors.  I have at least 4 family members that offered to make hors d'oeuvres.  Is it tacky or too much to worry about if we DIY the food?  At the very least, we are willing to invest in a delicious cake (I think that's the part I am most excited about).

Thank YOU in advance!!

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