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Kids at wedding

Did anyone else have any problems when they did not want to invite kids to the wedding?  My mother doesn't seem to understand this concept.  Yet, I remember when I was little not being invited to theses same peoples weddings.  So basically, what did you say to your family members helping you plan the wedding (in my case my mother) to explain the no kids idea?  Thanks!

Re: Kids at wedding

  • It depends on the reason you're not inviting kids to the wedding. We're asking our family and friends to make separate arrangements for their kids because our venue is pretty small and, in order to accommodate everyone's kids, we would have to remove some adults from our guest list. If this isn't the case for you, and you want an adult reception, I would just explain that you want everyone to have a good time. People with kids usually end up tending to them the entire night instead of loosening up and having a good time. This is a really tough issue. Just remember that you can't please everybody. Good luck!
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  • If you don't want kids at your wedding (for whatever reason) get RSVP cards that sound similar to the below:

    "We have reserved 2 seats in your honor"... etc, etc.

    That is what I plan on doing. It's not saying no kids, but it implies no kids.
  • Are your parents helping to pay for the wedding?  If so, your mom does have some say in who gets invited.  But if they are not contributing financially, I would say that you can definitely do a "no kids" reception.  People should understand as long as you aren't inviting any kids at all.
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    I guess it depends on who she thinks should be invited and if she is paying.

    For example I think it's unreasonable for her to think your 3rd-cousin-once-removed who-you-have-not-seen-in-years' daughter to be invited.

    But I think it's reasonable for her to think her nephew or grandchild should be invited.

    Basically pick your battles and maybe compromise.

    (I do not think kids are all or nothing)

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
  • we told our family members 'no kids'. i'm sure someone here or there grumbled about it but who cares? it was our wedding and inviting the 23 kids of our cousins wasn't in the budget or what we wanted. we also paid for ours. if your mom is paying she gets a say.


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    I think it's ok to just say "i don't want kids in my wedding" after all it is YOUR WEDDING, I don't want any kids at my wedding, and it's part because I'm not a "kid person" and also because we can't afford to have 20 something kids running around.

    I think the "blank reserved seats in your honor" is perfect, or on the invitation you can also write NO KIDS, simple as that.

    Now, if your mom is paying for the wedding...that would be a whole different story, I would talk to her about it and try and agree on something, maybe allow kids from your direct family only??? (and the grooms of course)
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  • Using wording like "Adult Reception"

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