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Cake topper?

Our wedding colors are gold and dark red, so we were having trouble finding a store bought cake topper to match what we want. We want a simple monogram, and I found an etsy seller to make it. Now comes the problem. They can be made in sizes ranging from 3-6 inches. I don't think we want a top layer of cake any smaller than 6 inches in diameter. What size should we use?

Also, we cannot pick a font. We want a nice cursive T but nothing too swirly.Silver Monogram Cake Topper-Custom-Silver or Gold A-Z FREE SHIPPING
Any recommendations from these choices?
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Re: Cake topper?

  • My name starts with a T and I hate cursive T's because I think they look like J's.  I would ask the seller what they would recommend (that's what I did for our cake topper).

    For fonts I recommend (from personal opinion): Phyllis D, Lucia BT, or Duchess
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  • I know how you feel about the T thing, but I've embraced it now that both my first and last names are going to start with it.

    I probably should have mentioned that I'm leaning towards a very plain, lacey looking cake with a single strip of the gold around the middle and a brooch with red stones on the strip in the front.
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    Michael's and AC Moore sell monogram cake toppers.  However, they come in silver.  You could just spray paint it gold or whatever color you want.  Just a thought.  Oh, and they're not too swirly either.
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  • Curlz is a cute, fun looking font (maybe not appropriate for a wedding though!).  Phyllis D or Harrington also look like they are clearly Ts without being too fancy or too plain.  Good luck!
  • I like phyllis D and duchess. they are not too swirly
  • What Etsy store are you using?  I'm looking for a cake topper and I love the Monterey font!
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  • I am looking at this seller's store.

    They seem pretty reasonable and have a gallery on their personal website. The topper we're looking at is only $14.99.
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  • Monterey really is pretty now that I look at it. That and Lucia BT are actually almost how FI writes his T's. I may pick one of those for that reason. Plus, he is obsessed with the song "It happened in Monterey".
    I would believe only in a God that knows how to dance. ~Friedrich Nietzsche
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