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head table help

am having a head table with me and groom and 4 bridemaids and 4 grooms-men
i was wondering  in 2010 are are more brides using flowers on the head table or are they just using their own flowers to decorate ..?

Re: head table help

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    I am planning to put the BM bouquets in vases on the head table.  But I'm not doing flower centerpieces otherwise anyway.

    BTW, in 2010 a lot of brides are not having head tables.
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    We'll use the bouquets, but I'm considering adding candles too...
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    We had a set-up like dani described, but we had hurricanes with candles as our centerpieces. Our bouquets were used to decorate the cake table.
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    I have a free decoration on the head table from my venue (since they work with the florist so much).  I also plan to do the vase thing with the bouquets.  Since I will have females on one side and males on the other, I will put the half the bouquets on one side and the other half on the guy's side (ie. 3 on the left, 3 on the right).
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: head table help</a>:
    [QUOTE]I am planning to put the BM bouquets in vases on the head table.  But I'm not doing flower centerpieces otherwise anyway.<strong> BTW, in 2010 a lot of brides are not having head tables.</strong>
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    Yeah, head tables are becoming more and more outdated as people don't want to be on display or separate their WP from their dates. I honestly haven't seen a head table since my aunt's wedding back in 1989. Also, our WP was thrilled when they heard they didn't have sit at a head table and could be with their dates and other friends.

    To answer your question, we are not ordering an extra floral arrangement for our sweetheart table, we'll just be putting my and the BM's bouquets in vases at our table to avoid the extra cost. HTH!
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    We're having a sweetheart table and using my bouquet for the decoration. The BM's bouquets will go on the card and guestbook table (the cake table is too small for them).
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    First off our head table is HUGE. We have 12 people in our wedding party counting ushers and we are inviting all of them to have their spouse or serious partner sit at the table with us. I think we have 2o people total but I saw the hall set-up like this and it looks nice.

    Our head table decorations are our flowers from the ceremony, the bm's flowers and A LOT of candles.
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    I can't think of a wedding I've attended where there hasn't been a head table.  I don't see anything wrong with them.  I like getting to see the bridal party all together.  The time spent sitting there is small in comparison to the rest of the reception.  At the most recent wedding I went to, my fiance was at the head table and I sat at a table with the rest of our friends not in the wedding party - it was fine and I was not offended.  We will have a head table and will use the bridesmaid flowers to decorate. 
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    same here i've seen lots of head tables and i don't think they look bad.. it is nicer though when people can sit with their dates. but, everyone in our WP knows each other so they'd be comfortable either way i think! we're thinking of having sweetheart table with groomsmen & dates at one head table on his side, and second head table on my side with my WP and their dates. we won't have enough boquets to cover tables, so we'll probably have to have some kind of candles or something to fill extra space...
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