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To do Checklist/Reminder for After the reception?

Does anyone have a good checklist or list of reminders to do or take after the ceremony and reception? Like remembering to take the guest book, and extra decorations and things like that. I'm starting to create my bring the champagne glasses with us to our room. If anyone has a site to reference with a checklist like this or from personal experience.


Re: To do Checklist/Reminder for After the reception?

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    Can you see what your venue will do for you?  Ours packaged everything up so it just had to be picked up a day later.

    And while we were supposed to have champagne in our room, that was the last thing on our minds.  Just go with the hotel flutes if you realy need more booze.  Then you don't run the risk of breaking them either.
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    Our venue packed everything up for us and carried it out to my parent's car at the end of the night. 

    Things that were included in that were our toasting flutes, table numbers, centerpieces, guest book, card box, gifts, meals (we had a couple of no shows so they packed to-go boxes of their plates), seating chart. I think that was it. 
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    Oh ok! I didn't even think about asking the venue to see if they would pack any of it up, I like the idea of getting it the next day. Thanks!!!
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    I made a "ceremony  box" and a "reception box" of everythng I would need for each.  I'm pretty sure I got this idea/checklist from TK.

    Ditto PP but I also had our cake server/knife, and picture frames and signs that I had used as decor, as well as our candy buffet jars.  But like PP, our venue took care of it for us and it was all waiting in our room along with champagne and leftover cake.
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