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cant use fireworks for your exit?

I have been looking for a while online for cheap alternatives. Bubbles just dont show up in pictures at night.... I used to sell consignment items and we had fiber optic wands purchased for less than $1 each.

Look what I found on ebay today!

This in combination with light sticks is what we will use for our exit.

Hope this helps someone - I didn't find this until today and I had been looking for a while!
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Re: cant use fireworks for your exit?

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    exactly my thoughts! I was thinking of trying to print wrappers with our wedding date on it... something similar to water bottle labels?
    Although I havent contacted the seller to see if you get assorted colors or if you can pick. Our colors are cobalt blue and lime green, we could stick with those.

    We will use these in combo with actual glowsticks so that will kinda blend.

    Still really excited about the deal though!

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    I think im going to use sparklers the venue said that would be fine as long as we stood away from the building alittle bit

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    Sparklers would be my preference, i LOVE the way they look in the pictures (I even like their smell lol).
    Our venue specifically will not allow open flames (all candles must be protected), fireworks of any kind or artificial stuff scattered on the ground. This means no sparklers or fake rose petals or confetti for us.
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