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Photo booth & hollywood theme reception

I could use some suggestions... my neice is having a reception in the church fellowship hall.  They want a DIY photo booth and would like some small accents of a hollywood theme.  There will be dinner and dancing.  All suggestions welcome.  Any easy DIY suggestions welcome also... the wedding is next weekend on the 15th.   What kind of things did you use for the photo booth:  backdrop and props?  Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions.
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Re: Photo booth & hollywood theme reception

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    I've never done it or even seen one, but I thought of some prop options that would work for the Hollywood theme.

    fake mustaches
    top hat
    maybe a fake Oscar
    one of those action scene things
    empty bottles of wine

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    Thanks for the great suggestions!
    Let the Lord Lead... and follow Him.
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    I saw this done in "Real Simple Wedding" magazine!

    If you buy a fun piece of upholstry or outdoor fabric and tack it to the wall, it works as an awesome backdrop! Make sure that you let it hang down on the floor to work as a full-length backdrop (the kind that people will step on).

    Have a friend set up a digital camera on a tripod and put a memory drive in it that will be used for only the "photo booth" pictures. Let them snap away as friends and family take pictures with silly props.

    After the wedding have a friend or family member go through the pictures and pick some of the best, get the printed and put them in a photo album for the bride and groom!

    Hope that helps-- good luck!
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