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What would you like on your cupcakes?

My fiance and I are considering doing a decorate your own cupcake buffet to save cost and add a bit of fun to the cake situation.  We were thinking of getting 1/4 of each: yellow cake with vanilla frosting, yellow cake with chocolate frosting, chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate cake with vanilla frosting.  We figured it is fairly generic and therefore we could purchase the cupcakes at the grocery store, and people can reach for what they prefer.

But this only works if 2 things happen:  its not too messy, and there are lots of topping options.  So, my question is: what would you put on a cupcake?

I'm thinking the obviously like sprinkles in different colors and shapes, maybe little fruit slices (like strawberry), what other ideas would work?  Also, has anyone done this?  Did it turn into a sprinkly mess on the table?

Re: What would you like on your cupcakes?

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    you could do fondant intials of you and your hubby, easy to make.  Choc chips, compote (strawberry, blueberry), fudge, candies that match your decor...
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    I think that especially if I were all  dressed up, I wouldn't want to decorate a cupcake. It sounds messy, and honestly feels a lot more like something you'd do for a kid's birthday party than a wedding. Sorry to say!
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