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Decorating my reception

My reception for my December wedding is rapidly approaching, and I have no idea how to decorate the area. I am on an exceptionally tight budget, and I hate flowers. I already have centerpieces, but being in a large, very white room makes me feel as though I need more. Any suggestions for cheap and non-flower decorations?

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    What else are you wanting to decorate? If you already have table centerpieces that is. Are you talking about decorating the walls, doors, etc?
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    christmas lights/candles
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    If the room is large and plain, then keep the focus on the tables, and away from the cavernous, boring walls.

    Maybe votive candles and tissue paper pom poms?  Those are the cheapest, easiest, most eye catching thing I can think of right now.  Both can be bought cheaply in bulk or at dollar stores.

    Or maybe luminarias, or "lace" luminarias?  They're just a cheap paper bag with some sand or gravel in the bottom to weight them down, with a candle inside.   I prefer using the flameless battery operated candles.  I found them cheap at the Dollar Tree (2 for a dollar) and at Wal-Greens (6 for about $5).  They can be plain brown bags, white, colored, or have designs, cut-outs, or stencils on them.




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    A friend of mine had a wedding in January and she decorate with lots of glitter and blues. it was so pretty- looked just like an icedream. Maybe some silver/glitter sprayed things.
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