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So, I cannot seem to find any centerpieces that I like or ideas that I like to diy myself.  My mom found a bride that is selling her 20 inch tall vases that she used as her centerpieces with ostrich feathers in them.  I really like the look of this, but it does not go with our theme at all (the ostrich feathers).  Is there any other ideas of what we can do with these vases (we haven't boughten them yet...they are just a new idea that my mom gave me tonight)?  What other ideas are you using as centerpieces?

Just to let you know...we are having round tables with white tableclothes (provided by our venue), our colors are chocolate brown, orange, yellow, and just a hint of red.  The flowers that we are using are sunflowers (mostly) with roses and lilys. 

Thanks for the ideas in advance!
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Re: Centerpieces

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    What about making sunflower pomanders to lay on top of the vases. The only thing is they'd probably have to be pretty big.....
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