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My FI and I are planning a small wedding, 25 guests that will be immediate family and very close friends. We are getting married out of state, at a beach. Most of my family lives in the same town that we are getting married at. So for the ceremony, it will be on the beach and for the reception, we hope to find a great little restaurant near by with a small private room. With trying to keep the reception simple and pretty cheap, what are some ideas for such a small crowd? Should we still do a first dance, father/daughter, and mother/son dance? Does anyone have any clever ideas for entertaining since we won't have a dj or band? I've looked into having it at a place where there is live music, but those are hard to come by. Any help and suggestions would be great. Should I still go all out in decoration and doing favors etc.? Thanks!

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    That sounds very nice,if my fiance didn't have such a large Italian, catholic family I would love something like this. I think you should still do the dancing with the father and your first dance and all of that. These are things important to you, not necessarly (sp) for the guests, although some will like to watch this. I am having a very spread out appetizer station reception and at first was worried people wouldn't watch my first dance and dance with my dad an all that but then I realized that people don't pay too much attention to this at weddings anyways and it is more a memory for me to cherish than them so I say go for it.....or you may regret not. And I agree on the ipod as long as you have speakers that can be loud enough for everyone to hear the music. Good luck!
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