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Real flowers vs. Silk flowers

What do you suggest using for what? Real flowers for bouquets and silk for centerpieces and other decorations...or real for all...or silk for all....?
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Re: Real flowers vs. Silk flowers

  • I'm in favor of real flowers too.  If you have to use silk flowers, I would have them in places where it's hard to tell that they're fake, for example in the personal bouquets.  Your guests will be able to tell if the centerpieces are silk.
  • I'm kind of indifferent on this topic...I lean to both ends.  I love love real flowers but I hate that you have to spend tons of money for them to die.  So, with that said I compromised on my wedding.  I'm a total DIY bride so I ordered wholesale hydrangeas and roses and are doing all the centerpieces myself.  As MICA stated, I didn't want to use fake flowers as centerpieces because I know my guests would be able to tell they weren't real...but for the bridal party and myself, I ordered off of etsy our bouquets, boutonniere's, and corsages.  I thought it would be a nice not to have to worry about keeping our bouquets watered(especially since hydrangeas can't be out of water very long).  And it would be a nice keepsake to have for myself and for my girls...besides the lady I ordered the silk flowers from, does an AMAZING job and you can't even tell that they are silk!! 
  • i love the real flowers but they are costly. If you take ur time to choose, there are some fake flowers that look real. So real i usually have to put my nail into them to try to distinguish. It all depends on ur budget dear. Am using both for mine. Besides don't want to worry about preserving them since am working on centerpieces myself and some flowers for the ceremony aisle 
  • My mom did a combo of both to be budget conscious. As long as you are able to find high quality ones I think its fine.

    Try doing a google image search for silk flowers at weddings to get some good ideas.

    Good luck!
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  • We're using real for everything except the submerged centerpieces, which have silk orchids in them.  You can't really tell they're fake though.  I think the fact that they're light green helps that out.
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