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What should our table names be?

I want to have table names instead of numbers but am debating what they should be. We are not having a theme, but our wedding is more formal. I was thinking places that are important to us, or have some significance.....or names of golf courses (we are getting married , and met, at a golf course).....Should I put a little sign by the escort card table saying something about what the table names mean?

Re: What should our table names be?

  • Depending onhow many hole's your golf club has you could have medium size golf ball shapes cut out and name them "Hole #1" "Hole#2" and so on and so on... You could also give a little a little story on the opposite side of the golf ball of how you all met at the golf course. If you don't like the "Hole" idea, you could name them after golf courses you would like to visit or have visit! Just a few ideas :-)
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  • I like the golf course idea, or if you enjoy traveling, places you've been together/want to visit together. I don't think an explanation on the escort card table is necessary. Just make sure it's easy for people to find their table. Numbers are easy because they go in an order, but if you do places or courses, there is no real "order" to them, so you might consider putting a name AND a number on each, or putting a large chart at the escort card table that shows where each table is located. Otherwise, especially if you have a large reception, guests will have to circle the whole room to find their table.

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  • We did dates. Table 1 was DH's b day (he's older), table 2 was mine, table 3 was the day we met etc.
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  • I like the golf idea since that has meaning to you guys. We're leaning towards naming our tables after National Parks we've road tripped to over the years. It's our guilty pleasure. We have the NP Passport book and are trying to collect all the stamps.
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  • We are naming our tables after buildings at the college we both attended! That's where we met, and it means so much to us, so we thought it was appropriate. Although many of our guests will be grads and will know what each place is, we did write a little blurb on each sign to let others know why each place is meaningful to us. 
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  • Our table names are band names (we have a music theme). You could make each one a little flag like a hole! :) It'd be really cute if you had 18 tables.

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  • We kind of have a gnome theme going on and are thinking of having a gnome for each table (with a picture of the gnome on the placecard)... I know, kind of odd but I think t'll work for us.
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