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French-themed reception ideas!!!!

Hey, everyone I need some good ideas for a French-themed classy style reception! 

I adore Paris but dont want the theme to just feature paris but all France has to offer. It's such a pretty place!Laughing So pleas ideas si vous plait!
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Re: French-themed reception ideas!!!!

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    I would start by having a French menu.  You can have something from every nook and cranny of France.  Instead of a typical wedding cake have a profiterole cake (Celine Dion had one of these at her wedding years ago if you want to google it).  Have bits of French poetry - on the programs, place settings, etc. - with translations.  Think sleek and elegant with a touch of romantic for your dress and your BM dresses.  As long as none of your BMs are allergic, put lavender in all of the bouquets (not the centerpieces though because you may have guests with lavender allergies).  For the Centerpieces, you can incorporate hardcover books from the French classics. Have a Fleur-de-Lis somewhere on your invitations.  When I think of anything French, more than anything, I think of a little bit of something done extremely well so don't go overboard with anything.  And do not have an Eiffel Tower anything anywhere.
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    I love all of Good Luck Bear's suggestions. However, I think you could have an Eiffel Tower somewhere and it could still be posh. Maybe that profiterole cake is shaped like the Eiffel Tower... 

    I would also either hire a French style trio or quartet, complete with an accordion, and have them play La Vie En Rose for your first dance... or I'd at least make a play list of French music for the DJ. 

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    Medium-light blue and gold are the traditional colors of French royalty, so I would go with those and a lot of fleur-de-lis, as mentioned. Look at baroque decor and Louis XIV, the 'Sun King' for inspiration. Those are the things I think of when I think of France. Also, fabulous bread and cheese at cocktail hour and lots of champagne and good wine.
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    I am doing that too. I found some cute french themed table cards/escort cards on Etsy by someone named Parchment Posies.

    I also found cheap escort card holders of the eiffel tower on (they were the cheapest  as I did my research) ( I guess I'm cheesy...oh well)

    I am using a birdcage for my card holder.

    I am doing french macaroons as my favors, as well.

    My centerpieces are vintage looking lanterns

    I am having a french menu..sorta (have to appeal to the masses still and some french food is a little risky)

    Oh, and my dress has point d-espirit and very vintage...........
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    RE: the French music, we gave our DJ the CD soundtrack from the movie "Something's Gotta Give". It's all French styled music, and he played this during dinner as background music. I happened to own the CD and loved having it played. It also gave him time to eat, LOL.

    We didn't have a French theme, but it was more vintage/romantic. I used Chopin Script for all my printed items (invitations, programs, place cards, menu, etc) because it's lovely and romantic looking.

    Toile is a very classic sort of French look print. We had toile invitations, and I made "sort of toile" table runners.

    The menus, which I printed at home, were from here:

    Picture here:

    Those are just some ideas.
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    I'm having a "French Flower Market" -esque theme.
    Tall galvanized steel buckets with a variety of fresh flowers, arranged into a "statement display" and then also used as favors for our guests to take home.
    We're also having a croquembouche as well as a typical wedding cake. We are serving an International Cheese platter with our apps and I've made sure to discuss our selections with our caterer, we've having some French cheeses included.

    I'm French, so I want to honor that side of me (my dad in Heaven would be so pleased!) but I think the full on "French Theme" weddings are so cheesy, IMO.
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