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Non-Floral Centerpiece Ideas?

I am looking for some ideas for a non-floral center piece for my reception tables. It is a cocktail evening reception so there will only be a few....maybe something that really makes a statement? The wedding is in April, so maybe something spring inspired as well? Any ideas?


Re: Non-Floral Centerpiece Ideas?

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    Candles of differing heights.
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    Big glass vases full of fruit, such as lemons. 
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    Coffee bean vases with candles
    Anything with candles, really

    We had a cocktail reception and used bowls of mixed candy on some tables (which were a hit) and bottles of wine on other tables - PIB.
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    We did tall hurricane vases from the Dollar Tree, and poured in a mix of coffee beans and pink styrofoam mini balls, and pushed a candle down inside. I added a ribbon around the middle and our monogram. PIB.
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    Coffee beans are a great idea.    That's what my brother just did for his wedding and they added a candle in it, but you have to be careful as coffee beans will burn.  But they are very pretty in a vase.
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    I am doing a sit down dinner, but I have never been much of a flower fan.  My wedding colors are going to be navy, dark pink, and pewter.  I am doing three different heights of vases, filled with colored water, some of the table will have blue, some pink, with pewter ribbons and christmas lights.  Each vase will have floating candles.  For the ceremony, I am even debating carrying a bouquet... if I do, it may be singular calla lilies with ribbon... any other ideas?
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    Are you doing this so you can DIY? To save money? To do something creative? Because of flower allergies?

    I bought some fall-themed centerpieces from Michaels for my CPs. You could get a spring garland (silk) or spring wreath and put a candle in the middle.

    You can also use potted plants (for spring) and people can take them home.

    You can do a lot with a square or round mirrored tile, a pillar candle, and maybe a hurricane glass. You could also do floating candles, maybe with submerged silk flowers.
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    We're doing round (fish bowl looking)vases with blue marbles in the bottom, filling them with water & putting in a floating candle.
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    I really like the idea of floating candles. :) there are tons of opts though.
    If you go to (Click on Vase Fillers) they have tons of vases with gems or tiny crystals with a light in it that really make a statement if that is what you are looking for.

    I like the idea of potted flowers as well. But depending on your crowd I don't know if they will be hit with the younger 20 something crowd.

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    I love the idea of floating candles. Coffee beans are beautiful in vases too, but brown does not go with my colors AT ALL! Can those be spray painted?
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    I plan on doing green apples and some candles, if that gives you any ideas! :)
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    this is what we're doing :


    this vellum effect (see bio for details)  on the smaller of the two lanterns

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