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Choosing a Reception Location

How many places have you looked at before choosing?  I have narrowed to two choices but feel like maybe I have chosen too soon or that it should be more of a struggle to find that "just right" place.


Re: Choosing a Reception Location

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    I'm not sure why you would want more of a struggle.  :)  If you found a place you like and that has what you want at the price you want it, there you go! 

    I looked 2 places but researched more online, although I did get married in a small town so there wasn't a whole lot of choice either.
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    I looked at way more places than I wanted to.  If you found a place that works for you then book it.
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    Both of my married kids knew what they were looking for.  They narrowed down to their favorite (from online and recommendations) and went in person to see it.  Each of them booked the first (and ultimately only) venue they visited. 

    Each was very different, but suited them.  I'm with Dani:  why would you want to make this into a struggle?  And why does it need to be a struggle?
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    I think you need to let go of the "just right" hangup.  Not everything about your wedding has to be OMGTHEMOSTPERFECTEVARRRR!  If you like the venue and it's going to work for you, book it.  It's not going to be a moment out of the movies with soft focus and swelling orchestral music.
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    I peeked at your bio and see you are getting married next September. I think it's wise to look this early, but wonder why you are asking? Does neither of the venues you are considering have everything you want? You have quiet a bit of time, unless the venues you are considering are very popular.

    Since this is your first post, I'd recommend going to the local board (link on upper left) to chat with brides in the area of your wedding. Our local board has vendor recommendations from real brides, who they've used, how they graded them. Yours might have something similar. If not, ask a question, "Would you choose X venue or Y venue?"

    Good luck. Welcome.
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