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Re: How to Not Get Screwed by Your Florist

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    Only you can decide how much is too much to spend on flowers.  It is completely subjective and totally up to you and your budget.
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    [QUOTE]Also, how much is too much to spend on flowers?
    Posted by ros3392[/QUOTE]

    It really all depends on your budget and how important your flowers are to you.  Most recommend that once you know your budget, you pick the few key things that are most important to you.  For us, it was food and bar for our guests at the reception.  Others might pick photography and flowers.  It's really up to what you and your FI think are important. 

    For us, I wanted pretty flowers but it just wasn't in the budget to spend a lot.  In my area, most florists are about $1,000 (northern Indiana).  We went with a grocery store florist and got all of our bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, and centerpieces for just $400.  That was a deal and the flowers were beautiful.  You might post on your local board to ask what typical florist costs are in your specific area.

    The key when you meet with the florist is to tell them your floral budget up front so they know what they have to work with.  Choose flowers that are in season and don't let them talk you into going above your budget.
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    That's great advice, I was considering our local grocery store. They have a really nice floral department and I know people that work there so that helps to.

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    I'm doing all our centerpieces and flowers, etc.  I think that florists overcharge like hell!!  I actually used to work for a florist, so I know the basics of wiring flowers and design, etc.  There's a Phillip's wholesale warehouse near my house, so I'm ordering mass quantities of flowers, and then I'm going to be putting everyone that I know to work on all the florals.  I think that the grocery store people can be quite friendly and fairly knowledgeable about flowers.  You should check out real simple dot com's article about how to make beautiful bouquets from grocery store flowers!  It just takes a few simple tools and a little practice.  Good luck!!
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    I considered making my own center pieces, but was trying to figure out how and when I would actually set them up on teh tables?  I do not have awedding planner.  Who are you going to get to place them on the tables once the linnens and eveything are on?  I am very interested as this is a WONDERFUL way to save money!
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    I got just bouquets, bouts and corsages from the florist.  I wanted pretty simple bouquets because I knew that the flowers were only going to be used in the ceremony and pictures.  When I was in my sister's wedding she handed her flowers to me when she got to the front of the church and I returned them to her before she walked back down the aisle with her husband.  Since that time I have felt that flowers should be a very small part of my budget.

    I contacted a florist, told her what I wanted and she did 5 bouquets, 8 bouts and 4 corsages for under $450.  I think that if you explain what you want and how much you are willing to spend, a good florist will help you to get your flowers within your budget.  (They might have to recommend some changes for some of your choices, but they should be able to recommend something that you will really like within your budget.)

    We did our own centerpieces and there are pics in my bio.  We worked with our venue to place them on the tables after they were set.  I did not have a wedding coordinator, but I had lots of friends and family who wanted to help in whatever way they could so they took care of it for me.  Keri - talk to your contact for your venue to let them know what you want and ask when they can be placed on the tables.  They might be able to put them on the tables for you.
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