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XP: How much would you tip?

My dinner is a whole hog bbq buffet. The company comes in sets up buffet (everything is pre-cooked), they arrive approx. one hour before dinner begins, they do not serve anything or the head table, and then they pack up and go. Dinner is $12 per person, and gratuity is not included as it's up to our discretion. There will be 5 people there from the company.

I'm really torn on what to tip. We've been to functions where they have catered, and it's always AMAZING food, but they never really have anything to do otherwise. Set up, take down, go home.

Re: XP: How much would you tip?

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    We tipped our servers $100 each and the bartender $200. 
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    If they aren't serving, it's totally up to you. ROT is about 20% but if they don't go above and beyond the basic serivce, don't tip too high. Tips are for exceptional service. Mabe like 25 a piece? Wait until after the event to tip to use your discretion
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