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What to do after a Vegas Wedding?

Im getting married in Las Vegas in October 2012 and were having some guests fly down with us (were from Canada) We are just wondering what to do after dinner as we are not having a formal reception. We will have 15-30 people with us and are trying to find something fun to do at a low cost, other then wandering the strip and resorts. Any help you can provide us with is greatly appreciated!

Re: What to do after a Vegas Wedding?

  • A lot of places in Vegas offer some great group rates.

    I'm assuming you're getting married on or near the strip, right? You have a lot of places to choose from.

  • I would post this on the Nevada--Las Vegas board (on the left under Local Boards) with the budget you have in mind to ask for suggestions.  Good luck!
  • I agree with looking into different shows for a group rate, depending on budget. Are they all adults? I would just make sure to find a show that would appeal to everyone who is there and check into it ahead of time to make sure it's appropriate if you have younger people present. Some suggestions for cheaper shows that would appeal to everyone are things like celeb impersonator shows. We saw one at the Stratosphere that was really funny and the tickets were cheap even without a group rate (like $20 something per person). There are just so many shows to choose from. Also like PP said posting on the Vegas board may be helpful.

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