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Reception Ideas

Reception venue versus dinner @ restaurant?

What are your thoughts on hosting reception in a rented venue versus having a reception at a private room in a restaurant?  I plan to host dinner and drinks.  Haven't decided on dancing yet.

I ask because I could host several meals @ restaurants that have private rooms, versus having one reception night a rented venue.  All my guests will be flying in and getting hotels. 

The reception venue I'm considering is rustic and in Grand Teton National Park. It's a pavilion basically with a opn fire ring in the lawn.  They provide log cabin style tables and benches with linens.  It's very open air, best views of the Tetons by far, and they provide clear walls for weather and umbrella heaters.  I'll have to decorate the rafters with something like this since 2x4s aren't that attractive.  The lawn where the pavilion is at is not super private, but visitors won't be walking through our party.

There are a couple places to eat in Jackson Hole that can accomodate my group of ~45 that are nicer (being indoors and all) with private rooms.  No views though.

Most guests will be in town for several nights, and there is no rehearsal dinner (no wedding party).

What are the main differences you can think of?  Pros and Cons? 
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