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Reception Help! (Chairs and Colors!)

We have our reception location (a country club) and love the location; it's a beautiful place.  However, there are a couple things I'm concerned about. First, they do not have enough of the same style chairs for the number of people that we will be having.  Will having different chairs look okayl?  Second, I'm trying to decide what colors I should have for my bridal party/accents.  My wedding is in April and my FI and I love blue, so I was considering a pool or teal blue.  However, I'm not sure what shade would go well with the colors of the reception room (see picture below).  Any suggestions would be very appreciated!!

Re: Reception Help! (Chairs and Colors!)

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    I personally think that chairs do impact the overall look of your room, there are so many of them.  At my venue, I made sure to budget for chairs.  I am renting chivari chairs and having them brought in (about $6/chair).   As for your colors, it looks neutral enough that really whatever you want to do Im sure will be fine.
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    You're overthinking the chairs.  Here's a reality check:  what chairs did they have at the last 6 weddings you attended?  Can't tell? 

    That's because no one really cares about chairs except brides planning their weddings.  Because they've been led to believe it matters by wedding magazines, websites, and tv shows who are trying to sell their advertisers' products.

    Once your reception begins, you can't see the chairs.  People are sitting in them.  Shawls, sweaters, and jackets are placed on the back of the chairs.

    FWIW:  I have absolutely NO idea what the chairs looked like at my own son's wedding AND at my DD's wedding.
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    I wouldn't worry about the color of the room.  If you like blue, a lighter blue paired with a navy blue is in this season.  I wouldn't worry too much about the chairs.  If they are different, put all the identical chairs at one table, etc.  If there are only a handful of different chairs, put them at a table in the  corner of the room.  No biggie.  Wink
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