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Remembering My Brother...

When I was 7, my oldest brother (and the one I felt the closest to) passed away. Since he won't get to be there for his baby sister's wedding, I have thought about inviting a close "family" friend who was his best friend at the time. He has always treated me like a little sister, and I would love for him to be there. I was wondering if anyone else has any ideas of how to remember him. We are not having a candle ceremony, but I was thinking about having a picture of him and a candle for him lit on a table, and if my fiance wanted some of his lost family members as well. If you have any good ideas, please feel free to let me know. Thank you :)

Re: Remembering My Brother...

  • I find the empty chair idea over the top and just creepy.  Mention him in the program, have a candle lit but it is a wedding, not a memorial service. Keep the focus on the ceremony -  the fact that two people are getting married.
  • I also find the empty chair very depressing for such a happy day. We are having a candle and a vase with flowers on a table with our grandparents pictures.
  • I also think the chair thing is too much and creepy. Mention him in the programs, have a candle lit, but leave it there.
  • My fiance lost his best friend a year ago. he was suppose to be his best man. Our friend was a musician. What we are doing for him, is when the ceremony starts another close friend of his is taking his instrument down the isle and placing it on a stand. resembling him beside my fiance. After the ceremony we have a table with his picture and one of him and my fiance with his instrument on the table. Just so he could still be there with us and be proud of his best friend!
  • I think a picture/candle set on a table is a good idea. This shows you are remembering him and miss him, but I wouldn't create a focus on it. It would turn it more towards a sad/somber time instead of the joy of your wedding. I'd just have it on a table off to the side.
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  • It would be just a small picture, and a small tealight candle. Just something at the table with my other brothers to have him "with us". I truly believe spirits can connect with our physical world, and would like to have something to help him "find" us. I wouldn't do an empty chair or anything like that. I just want to feel that he is watching over me.
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