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We can get the alcohol, now where do we put it?

Hey everyone!

My fiance and I are holding our reception in a renovated barn. It's absolutely beautiful, and has many modern amenities, but it lacks an actual bar area. My fiance's company (Old Town Pizza Company) will be catering the event, but they do not provide bars or bartenders, so we will have to find both of the aforementioned on our own.

Now, my question is, what is a simple solution to this? I know I can hire freelance bartenders without complications, but as for a bar? No idea. Would it be easiest to rent a bar? Build a bar? Use beverage dispensers? What have you done, and what works? Any and all ideas would be appreciated!

Thanks so much! Smile

Re: We can get the alcohol, now where do we put it?

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    I agree with the previous post.  Use a table with linens.  Hire freelance bartenders if you can.  Even if you have kegs, having someone serve, keeps people from congregating in the bar/keg area.  It also limits the alcohol consumption.  
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