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Hi All,
I was just wondering if any of you used/will use Oriental Trading?  I mysteriously started getting the catalogs about a year ago and have collected a big stack since then.  I've had brides tell me they loved the stuff they got from there, and others who have said it was nothing but a big hassle.  What were your experiences with it?  Would you recommend the catalog or the website? 

and info would be appreciated!  thanks :)
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Re: Oriental Trading

  • Realize you get what you pay for.  I got small items like the gold coins for our centerpieces from there.  IMO most of their wedding stuff is pretty cheap and tacky.
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  • I did order my bridal party some totes and I got the shot glasses they are nice.... so over all it was nice also my co-worker ordered her garter, guest book and pen set it looks really good. 
    I guess it would depend on what you order.. 
    Mr. & Mrs. Griffin
  • I was thinking about getting my guestbook and personalized beverage napkins there.  a lot of the stuff is really tacky - agreed
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  • I got little 4th of July tootsie roll candies from there for our welcome bags, and then I think also the bags themselves.  Both were fine quality, although I would definitely stay away from plastic-y things that look and feel cheap--I think my mom used to order from this company for kids' birthday parties, and that's kind of the quality I would expect.
  • I started getting them too, I think it's cause I signed up for wedding magazines. 

    I think it's a "use your best judgement" situation.  Like, you can get some decent stuff at a dollar store, but don't expect their toys not to brake in 5 minutes. 
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    I've ordered lots of things from them and been satisfied.  I usually order Halloween trick or treat bags and masks to give out to the kids in my neighborhood.  I've never ordered any of the wedding specific stuff b/c none of it interests me, but I've been happy with the few items I have ordered.
  • We've ordered 4 yellow inflatable coolers (for the kid areas), 12 parasols (my mom fell in l-o-v-e with the idea of decorating these), and signs to direct guest to the ceremony and reception.  I'm pleased with all of them!  The 42 piece wedding sign kit (for the ceremony) has balloons that tie to the top of the signs, so obviously they can't be checked ahead of time, but everything else has been checked and had no big problems. We looked at previous customer reviews for everything we considered.  Their bubbles got horrible reviews!  We're going to Hobby Lobby for those! I don't have any personal experience, but I've heard lots of amazing things about their customer service, especially in terms of fixing their "oopsies".

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