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Color Crisis!

I am having a summer wedding and I'm really struggling with my color choice.

These are some of the combinations I have thought of:
1. Fuchsia & Sage
2. Fuchsia & Orange
3. Plum & Silver
4. Champaign & White

I'm not good with color combos or decorating so any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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Re: Color Crisis!

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    My personal preference would be fuchsia and orange. Plum and silver is great, but I would see that more as a winter wedding. That being said...our wedding is April 1 and the colors are plum, lime green, white, and silver
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    I think fuchsia & orange would be beautiful, fun & absolutely perfect for summer!
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    I like plum and silver best- then again, I am partial to winter weddings...
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    I like plum and silver, also. I don't think color combinations have anything to do with the season. You should choose whatever combo you like best.
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    Well I did champagne and white so I'm biased.  :)

    Honestly though, pick what you love.  The season doesn't matter.
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    Fuchsia and orange... I may be biased, since those are my colors as well! So bright and fun!

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    Summer wedding: I would go with fuschia and orange, below are some ideas:

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    i am doing fuschia and orange!

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    also i found it helpful to google imgages "fuschia and orange weddings" "fuschia and sage weddings" then you will have pictures, ideas, and inspriation

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    I would definitely do fuschia and orange for a summer wedding.  That would be so pretty!!
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    Champagne :)

    why only 2? and why is this a crisis? get some color samples and see which look good togther. i'd rather put my eyes out than use bright pink but that's just my opinion.
    you can choose more than 2 colors. for example-if you want to do plum and champagne wtih touches of sage-fine. the colors dont have to 'match' the season. they just have to coordinate and be what you like.


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    Ok, Im going to be biased here and go with fuschia and orange. That's what my colors are. I LOVE THEM! But, here are some of the other color combos I had in mind:

    Canary and Cornfower (blue)
    Lime Green, Black and Silver
    Turquoise, Black and Silver
    Red, Blue and White (LOVE this, but Im partial to the 4th of July anyway)
    Lavender and Sage
    Sage and Tangerine
    Rose and Sage
    Rose, Sage and Canary
    Lavender, Sage and Canary
    Tangerine, Canary, and Sage (This was one of my favs because it could be a "citrus" theme)

    There are lots of different color combos...just have fun and play around with them a little bit. Start thinking of a theme as well, that may help narrow down color choices. Good luck!! :)
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    I love the fuscia and orange for a summer wedding.  You can always add a 3rd color, like green, yellow, or purple.

    Unless there is another combination you really love.  Your wedding colors don't have to match the season.
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    I'd go with plum and silver, but then again I am biased- our colors are burgundy and gray.  :)

    That said, orange and fuschia might make for greater ease, lower cost, and greater flexibility when it comes to your floral arrangements.
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    Fuschia and Orange is really pretty but I think It could give someone a headache if it's not broken up a bit. Maybe add Sage for a third different color to break it up some? Like most have said- it's your wedding pick the colors you like.

    I'm using a medium blue, plum, ivory, and small amounts of green for my June evening wedding I think (newly decided).
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    I like plum and silver!!!  I'm going with red and maybe a light yellow to summer it up.  We are getting married in June
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    What I did to choose my wedding colors is my fiance and I went to Michael's craft store and went to the scrapbooking section where they have all the colored paper and we just started grabbing until we made a color scheme we liked.  Just an idea!  Good Luck.
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    I like fuschia and orange as well as plum and silver! I think either one would look beautiful for a summer wedding!
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    I think, like many others, that it doesn't really matter what colors you have (especially in the summer), just chose what you think will look pretty together, and try to imagine what it will look like at the venues themselves. We are having an outdoor ceremony under a gazebo on a lake and an indoor reception next July and our colors are going to be cornflower blue and ivory, with different shades of blue for accents and blended into floral arrangments.
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    Thanks ladies! Awesome ideas Wink
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