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Choices, choices

My FI and I have just started planning for our wedding next summer, and have tentatively agreed on a venue to hold both the ceremony and reception. It's really gorgeous--wedding gazebo among flower gardens and a reception right on the property! 

My only concern in choosing this venue is a color/chair issue. My wedding colors are navy, green, white, and sliver. The reception chairs are burgundy (I truly dislike burgundy). Chair covers are out of the question financially, and I'm afraid the colors will really clash if I leave them like they are. Any idea? Cheap fixes? I know they're just chairs...but there's going to be around 250 of them!

Thanks all :)

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    It's unlikely that anyone will notice, but eye catching centerpieces to draw the eye toward the table and away from the chairs.  I couldn't tell you what the chairs looked like at any wedding I've ever been to.
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    Lol I'll switch you? I'm having the same problem - my colors are burgundy, red, tan, ivory - and we have green chairs :(

    Right now I haven't figured out a way to solve it (other than renting new chairs, no thanks!) and I personally can't stand chair covers. I don't think it will be a big issue though, if you can't figure anything out, just focus on your tables and centerpieces and try to keep the attention away from the chairs. I'm sure no one will notice :)
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    Our venue has black metal chairs with medium blue leatherette seat covers & back. My colors are black, white and silver. What I"m planning on doing is having an accent of the blue in the centerpieces, very small, to actually pick up that color so it looks a bit more coordinated.

    Not sure if that's something you'd want to do, even if you hate the color.

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    I have the same problem. Our reception is at a country club and they have green and burgundy colored chairs. We are having about 200 people. When I checked into chair covers, I almost died when I saw the price. I agree about jazzing the place up in other ways, centerpieces, other decorations, pretty table cloth, napkins, etc and they guest hopefully won't notice. That is what I am praying for!

    I have heard of some people buying chair covers and such on ebay and then washing them and re-selling them, don't know if that works for you. I am just not an ebay girl.
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    How about going to a Michael's or JoAnn's and getting fabric to put bows aroung the chairs that match the colors of your wedding? 
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    My chairs are also burgundy and the carpet is burgundy and gold plaid looking's pretty ugly but the room is gorgeous if you look passed that stuff.  I plan on putting fun centerpieces as well to distract.  My colors are sage green and orange so it definitely doesn't go.  Also remember that the lights will be dim (or at least they will in my case) and a third of the floor will be covered in the wood dance floor.  

    I like the bow idea, but it might draw too much attention to the chairs.   
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    I thought the bow might attract too much attention too. The idea is to make the burgundy as invisible as possible. I think having tea lights as part of the centerpiece might help, since the light attracts the eye. 
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    I wouldn't worry about the chairs. I doubt any of your guests will notice, or remember, what color the chairs are. I couldn't tell you what color the chairs were at any wedding I've been to, including one I went to just a few months ago.

    Also, I think chair covers are a waste of money.
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