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Do I need to supply high chairs?

We have LOTS of kids in our family and a lot of our friends have children.  In fact, my nine year old son is the best man.  We have made the decision to have kids at the wedding and we're pretty excited about it.  We are going to have a number of children under 2 (maybe 10).  Should I provide high chairs for these children or expect them to sit on their parents' laps?  I am having my wedding/reception at a local high school and I hired a private caterer so neither one can supply them.  I looking into whether my rental place has them or not, in the mean time I just wanted some opinions!

Re: Do I need to supply high chairs?

  • Yes.  As I used to read on the boards when I was planning our wedding, "A chair for every butt!"  There is a caveat ... infants won't need high chairs.  But, the safest thing to do is give each parent a call and ask.
  • We are providing high chairs, and the place we are having our reception will also provide booster seats. So like Lisa50 said I would call the parents and see what their child needs. Some 2 year olds have already graduated to the booster seat. You can use a high chair for infants in car seats though... so I would ask the parents with infants if they want one too. I agree with Lisa50: "a chair for every butt". Hope this helps, Happy Planning!
  • Ditto PPs.  Call the parents and ask what is best for their child.  Some may want a high chair, some may want a regular chair on which to put a booster seat.  Definitely have a separate place for each person though, regardless of age.

  • The only problem I'm having now is my rental place does not have high chairs!!!
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