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Grooms Cake.. Or other ideas!

So my fiance is a BIIG time Michigan fan.  He spends almost as much time reading about the new recruits as he does spend time with me! I kid.. I think it's cute.  He has a heart condition and had to go to U of M's cardiac rehab center since he was a kid, so he jokes that his heart literally belongs to Michigan.
Ok. History lesson over.  

He wants to include Michigan somehow into the reception.  We talked about maize and blue candy bar instead of our wedding colors, but we nixed it because of cost, and the massive amount of Notre Dame fans I am related to.  So we kinda just thought we wouldn't include U of M.  Well I have recently been thinking about a groomscake for him.  A local bakery has a Michigan sheet cake that is only $18, plus their cake is delicious! There is some room for an inscription.  Should I even write anything, or would that be super cheesy?  And if I do write something, what should I write?  

I feel like I am over thinking this but U of M is so hugely important to him, and I thought he might appreciate a small Michigan token.  What are some other ideas that I could do instead of the grooms cake?
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Re: Grooms Cake.. Or other ideas!

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    The groomscake sounds like an awesome idea. This is what I'm doing for my FI, a Spiderman cake. He's a lifelong fan and while I don't really get it I want him to have something at the wedding that he'll love. We're also making our entrance into the reception to the Spiderman theme song. Maybe you guys could enter into U of M's fighting song? I bought FI some fun Spiderman cufflinks as well. 
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    I'd love the fight song if it weren't for the fact we live in South Bend. Ya know.. Crazy Irish folk.
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    Love your idea for the Michigan cake... do it, he will be pleasantly surprised.

    I too am considering a groom's cake for my man. He's a life long Batman fan! I'm hoping to have a cake for him at the rehearsal dinner. Actually, he's already figured out that I wanted to get him a Batman cake and he nixed the idea... Can you believe that? He said I was very sweet for thinking of it but that he didn't think it was necessary. I still want to do it though....

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    The only groom's cake I've seen with writing on it that I liked was the one I designed for H. As vain as that sounds, it was a superhero cake, and there was a banner that said "Holy Matrimony, Batman!" H loved it, even if it was a bit cheesy.

    I'd do the grooms cake, sans writing, unless you can come up with something super awesome to put on it.
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    I always intended on doing a groom's cake, but then time got away from me. I regret not getting it done!  He will love it!
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    Why don't you try this cake topper for the wedding cake.  Ask if the groom can have a Michigan "M" put on his shirt.  This is the cake topper H & I had, except H's was for the Phillies.  We have it on display in our house and love it! 


    Also, why not have blue and yellow candy for favors?  The colors for ND are also blue and yellow, so I'm sure your guests will not realize its to symbolize Michigan unless you put a note on it.  And if your from South Bend, I'm sure they will assume its for ND!
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    Notre Dame is blue, gold, and green so they would probably notice it was Michigan.  It's a pretty noticable difference. And they cake topper is SOO cute! My mom was going to make similiar ones for us, I can just surprise him with the tshirt on it! 

    For writing on the cake, my mom suggested "Something old, something new, something Maize, something Blue." While that is still cheesy, it makes sense. 
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    I love the idea for the grooms cake. Its one of the few places the groom gets whatever he wants for the wedding.  My fi and I were attending a wedding this past fall and he "caught" the garter- okay the groom forced it on him- it was halarious!  But the garter was a tribute to some sport team, I cannot recall, but It was one the goom liked.  Anyway, I plan on making an airforce garter (my fi is airforce) to suprise him with when we do the garter toss.  Just a little something extra for him, I know he'll love it. 
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