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Hello lades,
I'm doing some beach themed items for my reception and my current in progress item is the place cards and place card holders. I came across these:

and thought about lining all the chairs up in sand somehow...but I think it could get pricey because we have about 250 guests so I'll need to purchase over 100 chairs. I'm also not sure by the decribtion if it comes with cards that I can write or type on. Anyone ever used these or know where to get them cheaper? Or have other cute ideas that are beachy? Thanks!!

Re: place card holders

  • I ordered some things from for my wedding that were cheaper then, and the price has since doubled. My point is the price may go up, or down, just keep an eye on them. Those opening look pretty small, not sure how you would get the name and table number on a cardboard or paper to fit in them.

    There is a beach themed wedding board in the "Wedding Theme Board" to the left. They may have some ideas.

    If you live near a Christmas Tree Shop they sell a LOT of beachy items and shells in the spring and summer. I recall some brides buy tons of shells that are maybe 2-3" in diameter and write the guest's name and table number on them. Whatever you use, you'd have to assume the person will be keeping the item and you won't get it back.

    Good luck.
  • Are these placeholders also going to be your favors?  If so they I say go for get two things for the price of one.  But if they are just going to be placeholders and nothing else then I wouldn't waste my money.  They are cute, yes, but if they are only placeholders that no one will take home or probably even remember the next day then what is the point?

  • In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:5Discussion:549d06bc-0889-47f8-a45f-9068475abcf4Post:4a13eefb-27d5-4784-be8a-f3a3ee4a13b9">Re: place card holders</a>:
    [QUOTE] I recall some brides buy tons of shells that are maybe 2-3" in diameter and write the guest's name and table number on them. Posted by Sue-n-Kevin[/QUOTE]

    This is what we're doing for my destination beach wedding.  We're purchasing 125 sanddollars and making sand boxes (really just buying trays from Kmart, painting them white and sanding them to look distressed) and filling them with beach sand.  We're going to type the persons name & table number on a pretty font, glue that paper to another, and punch a hole in the top.  I'm going to attached the name/table with ribbon to the sanddollar though the hole.   The pic can prob describe it better.  :)
    <a href="" title="Click to view a larger photo" class="PhotoLink"> <img src="" alt="" /></a>
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