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anybody go to britney last night?

fi and I went to chickie nad petes for dinner and i couldnt understand why there were hoards of girls outside dressed to the nines in their 3 inch heels and short short spandex skirts nad belly tops. until we walked in and i heard the britney soundtrack.maybe i am old but i would have never thought to dress like that for a concert.

Re: anybody go to britney last night?

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    woah spelling errors - my apologies!
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    I was there!! The show was great!  My best friend and I went (an anniversary gift from her hubby) and we had a great time!   We also sat 10th row and went sans camera like jerks! : (  We ate at Chickie's!  What time were you there?  Spotted--- girls in Britney costumes (full out, head sets and all)--Slave, Womanizer, Me Against the Music..etc.   Drag queens.  Numerous girls in matching Britney shirts.  Families with small children.  A 4 year old in front of me who told me If You Seek Amy was her favorite song.  And a large number of gay men.  PLus some normals, but they seemed to be few and far between.  A fight broke out a few rows in front of us.  Seemed to be betweeen teenage girls but we couldn't tell. 
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    we were there between 5-630ish? i just didnt expect to see the great fanfare.
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    I was there and she was awesome. I was not decked out in my slave for you costume...at least not this time...
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    cand, I was at chickies sunday night about 6:00!  except that it was an hour wait and we were with our friends and their 4 year old daughter, and we couldn't wait an hour.  so we ended up at champps.I had NOOO idea Britney was going on!  I just saw people decked out in Phillies gear.
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    I was there! Show was great. I was surprised at the age range. I saw A TON of young girls under 10. And the amount of costumes was crazy but I'm sure everyone enjoyed themselves.
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